June 10, 2019

Emmah C. highly recommended

"After trying several stylists throughout West Des Moines and walking out unhappy, I decided to give American College of Hairstyling a try since it is inexpensive and conveniently located next door to my office. I highly recommend Emmah C. as a stylist. From the moment I sat in the chair she listened to what I wanted, looked at the picture I brought in and consulted with an instructor before she started. Conversation was pleasant as she worked on my hair and she explained what she was doing as she went. The result was that I walked out with the best haircut I've had in years and educated in stylist lingo so I know what to ask for at my next appointment. Sadly (for me) she is graduating in 4 weeks and moving on in her career but I will return to the college as they provide excellent service all around. Thank you Emmah! I love it!"
January 22, 2018


"Recommended. I went to American College of Hairstyling to get my hair treated and I had a wonderful result. I recommend you to come to this location to experience great service. They were very respectful. I thank their staff for taking the time in their day to do my hair it was amazing and I appreciate all of the time and effort you guys put into doing my hair thank you so much."
January 22, 2018

Great hair cut

"Great hair cut - no line. Cheap. Likely the best haircut you can get for the price. "
January 22, 2018

Real talent

"No doubt about it, best men's cut in Des Moines for the price. Real talent that should be $30 a cut. Instead its $8 or sometimes $6."